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Is it Time for Your Car Windshield Replacement? 3 Signs of Serious Windshield Damage

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The car windscreen protects you against external forces and provides a clear vision while driving. As such, a flawless windscreen averts road accidents. Therefore, it is essential to take proper care of your windscreen and ensure it is in the best condition at all times.

The best way to keep your car glass sturdy and functional is to have it repaired when you notice any defects. While some flaws are apparent and easy to see, some imperfections are not easily noticeable. This article discusses three signs indicating that it is time for car windscreen replacement. 

1. No Clear View of the Road Ahead

Chips and cracks, especially those that form a spider web pattern on your windscreen, can prevent you from having a clear vision when driving. Similarly, a discoloured windscreen makes it hard to see what is in front. When you find you have visibility problems when driving, it is the right time to visit a windscreen repair expert. In addition, you should not allow the cracks and glass discolouration to linger for long because driving an unclear windscreen endangers your life, your passengers and other road users. 

2. Signs of Pitting On Your Front Auto Glass 

When driving on untarmacked roads, other cars using the road can cast debris and rocks on your windscreen. If that happens continuously, your glass will eventually show signs of pitting on the surface, primarily noticeable at dusk or dawn. Usually, these small pits scatter light hitting the windscreen and may affect your vision. Also, the pitted glass will not shed water as it should, again making visibility a challenge when it rains. 

3. A White Haze on the Glass Edges

A special plastic known as polyvinyl butyral is applied on the windscreen to prevent it from shattering into pieces when you experience a high-impact crash. The plastic material works by absorbing the force, protecting the glass from breaking. However, a white haze on the windscreen edges signifies that the plastic material is separating from the glass. That is dangerous as glass pieces can cause injuries to the vehicle's occupants during a collision. So, ensure you get your windscreen replaced when you notice a white haze forming at its edges.

You may avoid replacing your windscreen due to the costs involved. But taking precautions is better than dealing with accidents that could result in injuries and extensive damage. Therefore, go for car windscreen replacement when you notice any of the signs above.